The Manifesto of the 6th Proletarian Anarcho-Lotto-Syndicate

by Edgar Edgarberger

The 6th Proletarian Anarcho-Lotto-Syndicate is a self organising anarcho-collective consisting of me and my mate Joe.

Enraged by the contradictions inherit in the capitalist system, my mate and me decided to form the 6th Proletarian Anarcho-Lotto-Syndicate, bowing to the forces of history.

The goals of the 6th Proletarian Anarcho-Lotto-Syndicate are to:

  1. Say 6th Proletarian Anarcho-Lotto-Syndicate as often as possible
  2. Play the NSW Lotto system, to express our solidarity with, well, ourselves.

The 6th Proletarian Anarcho-Lotto-Syndicate will express its fraternal nature by:

  • Playing the Wednesday night lotto for a minimum of 10 weeks
  • In the event of a win of more then $20, the wealth of the people to be distributed in the following fashion
    • 40% each to me and my mate Joe respectively
    • 10% each to the Proletarian charity of me and Joe Chip’s choice respectively, to be paid in not more than 20 worker’s days after the lotto draw

On the next workers’ day after the 9th draw, a workers collective will be held to discuss the continuation or otherwise of the 6th Proletarian Anarcho-Lotto-Syndicate.

The masses will be informed of the progress of the 6th Proletarian Anarcho-Lotto-Syndicate no later than 11pm of the first day of worker’s rest following the lotto drawer.Our solemn commitment to the workers of the world is to keep these posts going for at least 10 weeks unless there is a good reason (can’t be arsed is not considered good enough).

Other communique’s may occur at irregular intervals, and on irregular topics.