My mate Joe Chip says: the people’s court has decided

by mymatejoechip

The struggle session lasted some time.  Comrade Edgaredgarberger seemed to have difficulties in accepting any degree of responsibility for the people’s failure to win lotto last week.  Some suggested an element of bourgeois pride, to which he responded, interestingly, “Yah said it yah are one, yah said it yah are one”.  The correspondence with Kylie Minogue was accepted as the product of youthful exuberance, and the People’s Court decided not to pursue claims of poor class consciousness arising out of the excess display of football colours.  Yet it remained that Comrade Edgaredgarberger remained stubbornly resistant to accepting blame.  He seemed to forget that we have the Marxist-Leninist weapon of criticism and self-criticism. We can get rid of a bad style and keep the good.  While Comrade Edgaredgarberger has never been exactly stylish, he did respond to the reminder that a door hinge is never worm eaten.  Finally, however, Comrade Edgaredgarberger was able to point to the global financial “jitters” emerging from the Euro-zone as an indicator that action had begun towards achievement of the collective’s goals.  While the 6th Proletarian Anarcho-Lotto-Syndicate was not absolutely convinced that the “Greek difficulties” were directly attributable to Comrade Edgaredgarberger’s purchase of lotto tickets, we adjourned to a supper of chicken curry washed down with pear cider, and watched the first half hour of “Red Dawn” several times.  A good time was had by all.