Which city hosted the 2000 Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies?

by Edgar Edgarberger

Ah yes, that would be the City of Auburn. Look it up – its true.


You know, there’s something that just gives me the running dog irritants about the way the “City of Sydney” pretends to represent the whole city, rather then just a Financial District and toytown rows of identical terrace houses full of unique individuals (whose only claim to uniqueness is their utter homogeneity).

What’s Sydney City Council’s motto again? Oh yes “City of Villages”? Is Busby included in the villages? Villawood? Pendle Hill? Fairfield, or even Fairfield heights? Do the fair citizens of Birrong belong to the privileged few?  I thought not.

Verily I say to you Sydney City Council “Go away. You can come back when you’ve grown up”.