My mate Joe Chip says: The Cultural Revolution was over by tea time

by mymatejoechip

I do not wish to say too much about it, however it is over now. You will notice that neither Alan nor Kevin are authors on this blog, so that may tell you a little about the so-called persons involved. Some people get really stupid when talking about winning the lottery. I understand levity – I read a book on it once – , however it is just not possible to spend one hundred thousand dollars on piercings and tattoos, unless you are going to get tattooed with uranium or something. And then when one remarks on that, to say that is exactly what you are going to do, may just be banter. However, when one is then reminded of the suffering of uranium miners in Angola, to react with laughter, is reflective of an incurably reactionary mindset. Hence, there is no 5th Proletarian Anarcho-Lotto-Syndicate. And good riddance to bad rubbish.