My mate Joe Chip says: Comrade Stalin says Today you play jazz, tomorrow you will betray your country

by mymatejoechip

Oh yes, you want choices.  Oh yes, you want freedoms.  Freedom to tinkle tinkle your discordant notes.  Freedom to express yourself, because yes, you have so much that is important to express.  Your brilliance.  Your genius.  Yes, you are the most important person in the world.

You are not.  You equate freedom with indulgence.  I want to be free to wear pointy shoes.  I want to be free to wear paisley dungarees.  I want to be free to stick my head up my arse.

Here is the truth.  You have the freedom to die.  That is the only guarantee.  Before that happens, you have some choices to make.  Whether you will work to free others from hunger.  Whether you will seek justice.  Whether you will seek to learn what justice is.  When you complain of oppression, tell me what gulag you languish in.  When you moan about your existential crisis, tell me what refugee camp you are working in.

Is your belly full?  Are your children likely to survive infancy?  Can you see the sun?  Do you have work?  If you do, does your work deform your limbs and your internal organs?  Lets start from your answers to these questions.

You are going to die.  Before you do, you have a chance to write a part of a beautiful story.  You will never finish it.  You will never know all of it.  But you can be part of it.  Whether you get to tinkle tinkle your notes or not.

And Comrade Edgaredgarberger and I will contribute 20% of our lottery winnings to assist.