My mate Joe Chip says: the lottery is a circus

by mymatejoechip

The Tiber runs red and we are distracted by bread and circuses.  The lottery is a circus.  “Yet comrades”  you say, “you indulge”.

Yes we do.

1.  Any apparent inconsistencies in our thoughts and actions are entirely explicable in light of the contradictions inherent in the capitalist system.  (It is a pity the same could not be said of the splitters of the 3rd Proletarian Anarcho-Lotto-Syndicate.)

2.  The various stages of economic development cannot simply be bypassed.  Misguided liberal band-aids simply hold back progress.  Trade Unions, occupational health and safety laws, the 50 hour week, all impede the revolution and are therefore anti-worker in a way that no top hatted obese drooling fascist reactionary capitalist over lord could ever be.  Through our so called “indulgence” in every circus that comes along, we are hastening the decline of capitalism and the coming of the revolution.  Comrades, how could you have doubted us?

3.  By definition, a “revolution” is a “circus”.

4.  In fact, the revolution shall be circus driven.  When the performers are freed from their chains, what a world that will be!  Things we shall see!  Trapeze artists, freed from the confines of canvas, heroically swinging down Wall Street.  Lion tamers, whipping mercilessly at the fat cats of big business.  Knife throwers, their skills put to good use for once.  Gymnasts bending over backwards for the workers.

(But please leave it to the professionals.  Street performers, such as jugglers and mimes, are petit-bourgeois, and shall be sent to re-education camps with other vagabonds and wastrels.)

We are your George, we are your Mildred.  We are your Pennywise the Clown.  The time has come for a different bunch of clowns to run the world.  Comrades, form your own anarch0-lotto-syndicate now.  But don’t get between us and our bread.