My mate Joe Chip says: questions must be answered

by mymatejoechip

Hey Edgar, is it really that long since we had steak sandwiches?

Are you on a day release program from your cubicle yet?

Will the Magpies ever throw off the yoke of their Tiger overlords?

Remember when the left was red, not all this green shit?

Do you ever get excited about a new movie coming out any more?

If the weather keeps being strange, will Peter Weir make a move starring Richard Chamberlain?

Does Richard Chamberlain know Lindy Chamberlain?

Do you think John Birmingham was the only boy in Australia who never saw “The Final Countdown”?

Who cares about anything?

How come charities employ English backpackers as professional beggars?

Do you think that anyone will ever tell James Ellroy that his latest books are as crap as his earliest books?

Why is it that the more I sleep, the more tired I am?

Why is it when things are so shitty, I can’t stand the people who complain about things being shitty just about as much as I can’t stand the people who made it shitty in the first place?

Why did Boy George even bother singing “War is stupid”?

Why do all kids have peanut allergies these days?

Could Stephen King keep a straight face if he had to outline the plot of “Lisey’s Story” to an actual human being?

When are we going to win lotto?

Why are chip packets always half empty?

Why do they make toilets smell like Christmas trees?

Do you think there is time for me to have a holiday before the revolution?  I think I need one.

Yours sincerely,

Your mate