My mate Joe Chip says: spring the Russians

by mymatejoechip

“Occupy Moscow.”  Its a desire that many of us have had.  I can still remember, trundling across the apparently endless steppes, the summer breeze in my hair, the stink of diesel fuel in my nostrils, however I was young, and I digress.  Spring is in the air now, no doubt induced out of season by the excesses of capitalist production, but nonetheless, here it is.  The Arab spring has seen dictators replaced by … military dictators and islamists.  Now we are seeing signs of a Soviet spring.  The Russian people are demanding a return to the free elections of their past.  Tough guy President Ras Putin is trying to ride it out, but he is scared.  Are we about to see a return to the freedoms that have been denied the Russian people these past 22 years?  A return to the equitable distribution of resources, freedom of socialist expression, and Olympic dominance?  Isn’t that what communism is all about?

Isn’t it interesting, we see these Occupy movements in so many countries, but not in those where the people are happy.  I certainly haven’t seen an “Occupy Pyongyang” movement.  No hippies in North Korea, praise the Lord.