My mate Joe Chip asks: is Angela Merkel a Manchurian?

by mymatejoechip

As you are very well aware, your comrade Edgar Edgarberger and your mate Joe Chip are established authorities on all things German.  Recently, I have been considering Angela Merkel.  (Has she detected my gaze and the weight of my thoughts?)  Chancellor Merkel is the inheritor of a number of strains of German identity – she had the good fortune to escape from West Germany to the East, and her father was a Lutheran pastor.  However you may be shocked that historically, there have also been some unpleasant strands to the German identity.  It is important that we consider those.

In a discussion regarding the situation in North Korea (another area of our expertise – yes we are the Roy and HG of everything other than sport), your mate made the non-controversial comment that the people of reunified Germany had chosen for the East German government to run the whole country.  Respected commentator Hermit Moser leapt to the attack, and described Chancellor Merkel’s party as “the Conservative Party which happened to be led by someone from the East”.

Your mate was shocked.  A quick look at Wikipedia reveals that Merkel was not just someone who happened to be from the East.  She had “served as the deputy spokesperson for Lothar de Maizière‘s democratically elected East German government prior to the Reunification of Germany“. She was an important part of the GDR government, God bless her.  Her father is described as having a “sympathetic” relationship with the communist regime.  While at the Academy of Sciences, she was secretary for “Agitation and Propaganda” (why can’t I get a cool sounding job? or a better cubicle?) of her district of the Free German Youth.  As I said, all very uncontroversial.  However, Commentator Moser then gave a cry from the heart:

‘children, please don’t learn history from “My Mate Joe Chip”.’

Why this emphasis on children?  Why do they want to keep the children away from me?  Why these references to history, while the historical record remains unacknowledged?  Have I accidentally stumbled across a long game being played by the GDR, a communist plot to take over the European Union, which will only be played out when today’s children have grown up?  (and why would it take that long?)  I was undecided how I should respond.  However, I thought of the words of Michael Jackson’s physician:  “the troot shall set you free”.  Here at the 6th Proletarian Anarcho-lottery Syndicate, we are dedicated to the troot.  Do I want to expose a communist plot?  Well, I think the secret is safe amongst just us girls, don’t you?  You go, Angela.  This time Germany shall conquer Europe in a good cause.

Paris is lovely in the spring time.  Hmm, doesn’t Sarkozy sound like a communist sort of name?



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