Joe Chip asks: is Richie Rich Casper?

by mymatejoechip

(I am sure there should be a comma in that title.  However, I know what I mean, and I am the only person who reads this.)

Well here I was going to do this stupid thing about how Richie Rich looks just like Casper, and then go on about how despite him being a poor little rich boy it was necessary for him to die because you can’t break an omelette (yes stupid american spell check, that is the way I spell it), even though he did good deeds and stuff because it is historically inevitable, its just the way impersonal revolutionary forces roll, and that his ghost only lives on figuratively in the hearts of the masses who benefited from the execution of him and his family by the red guard.  Then I go and look for images to prove my case and find out it is an old trope, and my heart is broken at my lack of originality.  Then I think why should I care any way, Edgar doesn’t even make an effort any more, I try to make myself look nice for him, I pretty up his website, I think of interesting conversational tidbits, and he just sits in front of his telly in his undies watching repeats of spicks and specks while scratching his nuts.

Oh well, maybe you’d like to have a look at my poem about the tragedy of Casper the friendly ghost?  Otherwise, I’ve completely wasted my Friday evening.

(Who did Kaspar Hauser look like? Perhaps not even himself?)