by mymatejoechip

Why isn’t North Korea arming Cuba? Lets face it, NKs missiles are pretty crappy. If they used Cuba as a base, their shoddy projectilves would not have as far to travel. And they could just drop them off while one of their tankers is doing a meth run to the States. Hmmm, perhaps someone has thought of this before. Is it the Republicans trying to deny Obama his JFK moment?

Not Trevor

Trevor could not grow a beard to save his life. No doubt he could command a forest of filth to sprout from his face, misleading millions who like that sort of thing into falling into his pit of corruption, but it would not be a beard, not as I define them.  Simply a hairy abomination.
A beard does not suit everyone. I have experimented with beards from time to time (my own, not my friends’, that would not be right) and while I have appreciated the results, I generally prefer not to be defined by facial hair. We are not all Fidel. I sometimes wonder (such as I did this morning walking back home with the shopping) whether Fidel wishes he was not Fidel, that he was someone else. “I shooda been Che” perhaps he thinks, coughing up chunks in his nursing home each time he drags on a cigar…

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