My Mate Joe Chip asks: howz ya culture goin orright?

by mymatejoechip

Edgar and I are brutally interested in the culture.  Edgar’s interest is in part because of professional reasons, he being a leading kultural apparatchik for several regimes.  My interest exists because my interests are irrevocably intertwined with those of the people.  As a man person of the people, it is imperative that I be fully aware at all times of everything that interests and moves the people.  Unfortunately, the people can be a darned nuisance sometimes, in that their interests are not exactly homogenous, which causes my brain to hurt.  Its hard enough following more than one football team at the same time, especially when they are playing each other, let alone more than one code of football.  Never mind, come the revolution, everyone’s interests will be one.  There shall be only one type of ball sport, and only one team.  That might sound silly, but all conflict having been resolved by the internalisation of externalities and the incorporation of all abstractions into the concrete, there will be no need for more than one team, because we will all be playing together, in Marxist unison, with no more wasteful competition.  (To guide you a little, the only true sport is Rugby League, despite the fact the club secretaries betrayed the revolution.  Until the overthrow of the State, its go the Bulldogs!)

I try not to talk about music, because that just gets Edgar started on his “special” subject (think the Jack Black character in High Fidelity with a Joe Stalin moustache)*.  Nonetheless as a man person of the people it behooves me to provide some commentary on such a popular art form. I oppose aristocracy of course, and so despise the Lady Gaga and the Prince, and all the Kings of Pop.  Queen Latvia, or whatever her name is.  Duke Ellington.  Count Basie.  Madonna would like to be the opium of the people.

Far be it for me to jump on any interweb bandwagon in a cheap attempt to obtain attention, but it turns out the reports of the death of Kim Jong Il were premature.  His brilliant sense of humour is now on display as he has rebooted himself as a satirist, savaging the bourgeois affluenza of the fascist South Korean rump state:

Because that video needs even more attention

Some have accused me of racism in comparing Kim Jong Il to Psy, as though this is some cheap joke that all Asians look alike.  I do not sully myself with such pettiness.  As an international communist revolutionary, by definition I cannot be racist.  I am equally condescending to peoples of all races, creeds, nationalities, and football codes.  Like Richard Dawkins, I am interested only in what unites us, not what divides, and I too look forward to the day when all people are one, with nothing dividing us, not even skin.  Its just a question of whether everyone will look like me, or Dawkins.

Now, if only this had gone as viral as Gangnam style:

(Thanks to Thirsty Murphy)

But all is well with the world.  The revolution nears with every day, and Edgar and I have tickets to see DEVO in December.

*I’m not being rude in his absence, just trying to goad him into posting.  Honest.  He’s around.  He’s just working hard.  For the man.