Your mate Joe Chip asks: why bother?

by mymatejoechip

In a world of at least 300 000 people, it is difficult to have an original thought.  The CIA has developed a random thought generator, but its mostly a random juxtaposer: crystal grace; jealous necromancer; sturdy carrion; jugged hare.  Its useful for band name construction, and titling that difficult third album, and not much else.  Certainly this blog is not original, we’d steal anything from anyone, but that’s ok, after all, property is theft.  So why even say this?

I wonder at the point of columnists in the main stream press, particularly those who write fluff pieces.  Richard Glover in the Sydney Morning Herald is as good or bad as an example as any.  He is an amusing man, and his schtick is about his general uselessness as a man (eg inability to use power tools), and the general uselessness of men; Jocasta, whom he still quivers at the sight of, despite I think 180 years of non-married bliss, and who seems to be a bit of a hard arse; and how he hasn’t used shampoo for 20 years because it is a con job by marketing companies (which may be right, but his hair always looks shit).  Fluff, fluff, fluff, but usually amusing, and then twice a year he slips in some “hard hitting” sarcasm supporting something he believes in,  and which his vaguely leftish middle class audience already agree with, and despite him having no credibility but just a licence to print stuff, if you don’t agree with him, you’re a bit of a prick, and when this genial jokester makes the point that you are a bit of a prick, why, you’d be a bit of a prick to argue with him.  Not picking on him, he’s just a blogger with a particularly wide audience.  Its not a contest, I’m not trying to say I’m better than him, he wins by a million miles, he has his own radio show and column and writes books and is very successful – just trying to paint the picture of this type of entertainer who is known all over the world.

So why even raise this?  Just to say, instead of reading this blog, you can just read his latest column, where he posits that the world’s richest woman, Australian Gina Rinehart, is really a communist sleeper.  Saves me or Edgar doing it.  He’s a professional, he does it much better, plus he has his own artist:

che rinehart

You have nothing to lose but your chains of pearls



So read Richard Glover’s faux communist piece.