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My mate Joe Chip advises: how to pass the time until the Revolution comes

by mymatejoechip

Hey my mate Joe Chip, you ask, I’m after a guilty pleasure.  I’ve already read 50 Shades of Great Teenage Proletariat Revolution.  I know I should be re-reading Das Kapital 1, Das Kapital 2, Das Kapital 3, Grundrisse, The Communist Manifesto, Theses on Feuerbach, Value Price & Profit; the Little Red Book; the Little Red Schoolbook; Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism; The Tasks of the Proletariat in the Present Revolution; Lenin on The October Revolution; Lenin onPetty Bourgeois Revolutionarism; Constitution of the USSR; What the friends of the people are and how they fight the social democrats; Stalin; Trotsky; Engels; Luxemberg; Kropotkin; Bukharin; Tito;Hoxha; Ho Chi Minh; Mao … oh I could go on (and so often do…) (1)

I understand there are those who are less developed who still require entertainment.  This is inevitable in the current phase of capitalist development, and will continue until, I dunno, say Tuesday next week.  Until the Revolution comes, what else is there to entertain one on a chilly night, apart from the warmth of self righteous indignation and re-runs of the first 40 minutes of Red Dawn?

You may be surprised to learn that glorious scenes of revolution have been snuck into much of modern popular literature, no doubt by all of the communists who work in the media, that I hear about on talkback radio all the time (none of them seem to work in talkback radio).  Here is just a small random sample from my recent reading to prove my point:

* “Pure” by Julianna Baggott – I was tricked into reading this the other day.  It does not say “Young Adult” (2) anywhere on the cover.  It does have a blurb by Justin Cronin, and he tricked me just as Stephen King did so many times with his blurbs.  Having said that, it has weird mutants, a post nuclear landscape, and secret revolutionary cells

* The Samuil Petrovitch books by Simon Morden – he’s Russian!  He’s a genius!  All the ladies love him (they do – the Russian Mafia hitwoman; the nun; the yakuza boss’s daughter)! His best friend is the first AI.  He invents a perpetual energy machine and anti-gravity.  And in “Degrees of Freedom”, the mobs march waving red flags, and he gets to say to the American President

“We’ve decided that you’re just too dangerous to have around anymore, and the world would be a better place without a bunch of nuclear-armed fundamentalist xenophobic psychopaths.  Sorry it had to turn out this way, but hey.”

Oh, you wish!  (Oh, and it has a post nuclear landscape.)

* Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson – his books have good bits, but he is also capable of boring for America.  Rebel against those evil earth corporations!

* Iron Council (3) by China Mieville – he likes trains! he likes international revolution! he likes weird mutants!  (and while it is not a post nuclear landscape, in many ways it is weirder and worse)

* The Execution Channel by Ken Macleod (4) – How could anyone resist the tagline “The war on Terror is over … Terror won”  Let me know when you get to page 358 of the Orbit edition (don’t cheat, it won’t mean anything if you don’t read the rest).  I didn’t see it coming.  Woo hoo!

* And really, what other entertainment does anyone need than “Red Son”, by Mark Millar, creator of Kick Ass.  Superman escapes Krypton as a baby, but he doesn’t lan in Kansas – no, he lands in the USSR, so everything works out for the best.

There you go, just a few examples.  If they don’t help you pass the few hours until the Revolution comes, you’re going up against the wall.


(1) This is not such a party trick since the arrival of Comrade Google (he knows all, he sees all) (5)

(2) if you want to read a proper blog about YA writing and other such stuff, you should look here.

(3) why pick one out?  In fact, why not just read his Between Equal Rights: A Marxist Theory of International Law ?

(4) who expects you take him seriously on so many things, when he himself has made it impossible

(5) never was much of a party trick


My mate Joe Chip says: DEVO

by mymatejoechip

Hey Edgar, I have the tickets!  DEVO in December!  Duty Now for the Future, spud!

by mymatejoechip

well not much else is happening here and this is vaguely communistic … if you see Edgar, say hi, he is MIA, and I don’t want to round up a bunch of fat retired special forces troops to fly to ‘Nam and rescue him – too much bother …

Not Trevor

If all the people in China were to jump at the same time, what a concern that would be. It would indicate an ability to communicate and organise on a far wider scale than ever seen in the world before. It would demonstrate a commitment to concerted action that is worrying in its extent, from a massive nation that is hybridising totalitarian communism with oligarchical capitalism.  First jumping, what next?  Surely someone can work that out, its simply lazy racism to use supposed Chinese inscrutability to avoid answering this question.  Is that not what conservative think-tanks were designed for?  There would be no hope, we can’t even arrange for the morning bus to turn up at the right time in Darfvale.  By the time a neighbourhood watch meeting had been arranged to discuss the red peril,  the People’s Army would have jumped all over us.  We do not have the…

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Joe Chip says Lotto is $70 million tonight Edgar, have you even bought the tickets?

by mymatejoechip

HAVE YOU?  We could build a terminator if we won that!  Or a battling dog man.  See the fascists run then!


Imagine that money in our hands.  The stupidity we could wreak.

by mymatejoechip

Why isn’t North Korea arming Cuba? Lets face it, NKs missiles are pretty crappy. If they used Cuba as a base, their shoddy projectilves would not have as far to travel. And they could just drop them off while one of their tankers is doing a meth run to the States. Hmmm, perhaps someone has thought of this before. Is it the Republicans trying to deny Obama his JFK moment?

Not Trevor

Trevor could not grow a beard to save his life. No doubt he could command a forest of filth to sprout from his face, misleading millions who like that sort of thing into falling into his pit of corruption, but it would not be a beard, not as I define them.  Simply a hairy abomination.
A beard does not suit everyone. I have experimented with beards from time to time (my own, not my friends’, that would not be right) and while I have appreciated the results, I generally prefer not to be defined by facial hair. We are not all Fidel. I sometimes wonder (such as I did this morning walking back home with the shopping) whether Fidel wishes he was not Fidel, that he was someone else. “I shooda been Che” perhaps he thinks, coughing up chunks in his nursing home each time he drags on a cigar…

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Joe Chip asks: is Richie Rich Casper?

by mymatejoechip

(I am sure there should be a comma in that title.  However, I know what I mean, and I am the only person who reads this.)

Well here I was going to do this stupid thing about how Richie Rich looks just like Casper, and then go on about how despite him being a poor little rich boy it was necessary for him to die because you can’t break an omelette (yes stupid american spell check, that is the way I spell it), even though he did good deeds and stuff because it is historically inevitable, its just the way impersonal revolutionary forces roll, and that his ghost only lives on figuratively in the hearts of the masses who benefited from the execution of him and his family by the red guard.  Then I go and look for images to prove my case and find out it is an old trope, and my heart is broken at my lack of originality.  Then I think why should I care any way, Edgar doesn’t even make an effort any more, I try to make myself look nice for him, I pretty up his website, I think of interesting conversational tidbits, and he just sits in front of his telly in his undies watching repeats of spicks and specks while scratching his nuts.

Oh well, maybe you’d like to have a look at my poem about the tragedy of Casper the friendly ghost?  Otherwise, I’ve completely wasted my Friday evening.

(Who did Kaspar Hauser look like? Perhaps not even himself?)

My mate Joe Chip shamelessly cross promotes …

by mymatejoechip

… if we live forever, we work forever – check out the exploitation of the dead at Not Trevor, while you wait for news of whether we won the lottery yet …

My mate Joe Chip ponders: Is Edgar Jughead?

by mymatejoechip

Karl Marx is here

Joe Stalin’s here, and Lenin too

Joe Chip’s here

Hey Edgar, where are you?

We wanna revolt

And we wanna overthrow the capitalist system with song,

Have some fun

And go middle class adventuring

All our friends are here

But it ain’t complete

We ain’t the 6th Proletarian Anarcho-lottery Syndicate

Without that Edgar beat


Karl Marx is here

Joe Stalin’s here, and Lenin too

Joe Chip’s here

And here comes Edgar…

Oh shit they’ve tasered him


Time for steak sandwiches again.

My mate Joe Chip says: I’m selling? Who is buying?

by mymatejoechip

Got some bills to pay

Went to sell my soul today

Everyone’s selling

No one is buying

“Why don’t you join the

entrepreneurial class?”

Do you mean bend over

and take it – I think I’ll pass.

I’d gladly sell out, but it turns out I did it years ago, for a packet of chips and a sunny boy.

My mate Joe Chip says: unclean! unclean!

by mymatejoechip

Dear Edgar,

I went to the bank yesterday.  I met with the manager.  We discussed fixing, we discussed variable, we discussed combinations thereof.  Income, servicing, superannuation, insurance, equity.

Why does life have to be like this?  I feel so sordid.  Will I ever feel clean again?  I know that you warned me.

I’ll read Red Son today.  Perhaps I will feel better.

Can Kevin save me?  A communist and a millionaire.  Wow.  He can do anything.

In solidarity,

Your mate,


Wikipedia stole it first

space aliens are communists!